What are skids?

Skids being manufactured by Palletmasters

Skids are the name we give to pallets that have no bottom boards or what is quite often used for sheet materials such as steel or aluminum etc.

For transportation product professionals such as Palletmasters, the term “skid” is more commonly used to describe a ‘single-deck’ pallet, or one that has a top deck or layer but not a bottom one. Another word for a skid is a “sled”, when applied to loading platforms.

What are skids used for?

Generally, they are used for:

  • Transporting lighter weight goods
  • Transporting products that may not need to be enclosed or have so much enclosure
  • Can also transport bulky or heavier goods
  • Excellent for sheet materials

Skids transport items as efficiently as wooden pallets, and we encourage you to discuss with us what would be best for your requirements. Our aim is to help you find the transportation item which will best suit your products.

Skids comes in a great range of sizes from 600 x 400 pine skids, through to 9000 x 2000 mm Hardwood skids. If you require a specific measurement or have any other requirements, we are happy to customise your order to suit your specific needs. Contact Palletmasters today to discuss your next order.