Palletmasters’ pallets, skids or crates can:

  • Reduce handling costs in manufacturing, distribution and transportation
  • Facilitate safe handling
  • Offer improved security and product protection
  • Enable faster delivery times
  • Support improved customer service

Product Options

  • Fully customisable to your specific requirements
  • Made from pine or hardwood, or a combination of both
  • Hardwood for a strong and durable, longer-term option
  • Pine for a light-weight option to keep weights down in racking systems
  • Customised crates for improved security and protection
  • A range of in-stock pallets available to suit standard racking systems
  • Available in high or low volumes
  • Suitable for forklift or pallet jack

Additional Services

  • Can be heat treated to comply with export regulations
  • Can be stencilled with your company name for easy identification
  • Delivery options available