Pine Pallets

Pine equals lightweight efficiency! If you need a reliable way to transport your goods, and you’re hoping to cut back on costs and weight thresholds, pine pallets could be the perfect option for you. The team at Palletmasters manufacture pine pallets in Brisbane, and are experienced in producing pallets suitable for every job, no matter the size! A pine wood pallet is likely to save you money on transportation, meaning you can move more for less.

Our pine pallets are high-quality, reliable and cost-effective. It’s no surprise they’re so popular for transportation throughout Australia!

What is pine?

Pine wood is a medium-weight softwood that offers excellent strength and elasticity. As a softwood, pine consists of only a few types of elongated cells that transport water throughout the tree. Consequently, it naturally has a lower density than hardwood, however, this is what makes it lightweight and easy to work with.

Why choose pine?

If value for money is important to you, and you’re looking to transport goods at a lower cost, pine pallets are a great option. Pine is weather resistant, does not rot or decay and is a very renewable source, making it a popular choice for eco-friendly transportation.

Pine Pallets

A member from our Palletmasters team working on our pallets 

A pine wood pallet is suitable for a variety of uses; however, we recommend using them for lower weighted shipments. We guarantee the strength and quality of every pallet and encourage you to choose pine for shipments that don’t require the weight and support of a hardwood pallet. It will save you money and get the job done efficiently without additional, unnecessary weight.

What type of Pine products do Palletmasters carry?

We carry 2 standard size 1165 x 1165 pallets; a special shipping size and an Australian standard size. We have endless amounts of pallets for sale, and they are always in stock for your convenience. If you’d like to take advantage of our ability to manufacture customised pine pallets right here in Brisbane, contact us in advance to discuss your specifications. There are no limits to what we can create for you, and we can guarantee you will receive pallets that are most appropriate for your transportation needs.
All pallets available from Palletmasters meet Australian standards for sizing and weight capacities. With every pallet, we offer our clients peace of mind.  Our pine pallets are made from high-quality timber, and are a lightweight transportation solution that can be up to 10kg lighter than hardwood.

Order your pine wood pallets today

With our access to timber, we are equipped for pine pallet orders of just about any size – there’s no order too big or too small.
We are able to provide large quantities of pine wood pallets of any size, and we can also customise them to suit your particular needs and requirements. We are happy to make recommendations as to whether a pine pallet will be the most suitable transportation solution for you.

If there are any specifications or measurements you require for your pine pallets, our team is happy to assist.

Why should I choose Palletmasters?

We are dedicated pallet manufacturers with over 30 years of experience. We are focused on developing long-term relationships with our clients, and ensure complete customer satisfaction with every pallet order made. If your business requires a lightweight solution for transportation, contact Palletmasters today to talk more about how pine pallets can work for you.