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palletmasters wooden pallets

Over the years we have accumulated a number of questions about our products, so we thought we would answer them here for you! The frequently asked questions on this page are more general. If you are looking for specific questions about our products, you will find them on the related product page.

What can I use pallets for?

Pallets play an essential role in consumer goods, food and beverage and typical supply chains. They are a vital piece of warehouse equipment for storing and moving products. Our Brisbane Pallets come in a range of shapes, sizes and wooden materials to suit your logistics requirements. Our well-constructed pallets for sale help you to improve safety, loading and unloading time and product quality in your supply chain systems.

Why choose wooden pallets?

Wood is the most popular type of pallet material. They are cheaper than plastic or aluminium, whilst being strong and durable. Unlike plastic options, wood pallets are all-natural, fully repairable recyclable and biodegradable.


Our wood pallets for sale are also treated to the ISPM 15 standard for wood materials used to ship products internationally.

Can I add my company branding to my pallets?

Yes, we provide custom made naming and branding. We can paint or apply your company name to all our Brisbane wooden pallets. This is completed by our printers, using paint lines or by purchasing a stencil and applying it manually. We will work with your requirements and ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

Are your wooden pallets chemical free?

All of the timber used in our Brisbane pallets is chemical free. The only chemical treatment that may be applied is heat treating for export.


Let us know if you require chemically treated CCA timber for a specific job.

What are your certifications?

Palletmasters is a Queensland Government Quality assured company. Therefore, you will receive high quality pallets for your product transportation.

Our wooden export pallets for sale are treated to meet the ISPM 15 standard for wood materials used to ship products internationally.

We are also certified to manufacture, and heat treat wooden packaging under the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS).


We have first class facilities and over 30 years of experience. Therefore, we have the industry know how to manufacture, heat treat and stamp our export pallets to meet international requirements. We can supply any sized export pallet, manufactured to your product and industry specifications.

Can you manufacture a pallet to my requirements?

Whether you need large or small pallets, we can help you. Palletmasters can design and custom build wooden pallets and crates for businesses across Australia. We can also custom build in small or large quantities to suit your requirements. Our Brisbane custom build pallets can also be constructed to different weight tolerances to match your product or industry specifications. They can also be used for domestic or export use.

What can I use your crates for?

Our Brisbane crates are a good solution for transporting oddly shaped or delicate goods. Our customized wooden crates in Brisbane can transport goods from auto parts to piping, tubing to commodity materials or motorbikes. We make to your specifications and your needs. Simply provide us with the weight and internal dimensions you require. Our range includes fully enclosed (solid) crates, gabled (hit and miss) crates and export crates.

What can I use your skids for?

Our Brisbane skids can be used for transporting lighter weight goods that do not need to be enclosed. Skids are pallets with no bottom boards and many of our clients find them excellent for transporting sheet materials. Our skids come in a range of sizes and we can also customize your order.

What can I use your dunnage for?

Our Brisbane wooden dunnage will help you to protect fragile freight. Many of our clients use them for packing materials and transporting goods by semi-trailer to prevent damage. Wooden dunnage is used during the package, transportation and storage of items to strap items together, or separate them.