What kinds of Timber Pallets are the most common?

What kinds of Timber Pallets are the most common?

It’s not hard to guess that at Palletmasters we specialise in timber pallets. Timber pallets are used every day for transporting goods domestically and overseas. Needless to say, when you need pallets, they need to be good quality, and for quality, you need Pallet Masters.

Timber pallets can be made from a few different timbers. Pine pallets and hardwood pallets are the most common and are the materials used to make their pallets. Pine pallets are usually 1165×1165, with the most common sorts being the pine shipping pallet and the Australian Standard pallet. The other main sort of timber pallets is Hardwood pallets, which are the strongest available, and are also made to Australian standard.

If your timber pallets are going overseas, they’ll need to be heat treated. Why? Because anything that could be transported overseas in the wood needs to be taken care of. Pallet Masters heat treat their export pallets on site, and guarantee they meet export standards.

Palletmasters’ timber pallets are high quality and can be made especially for any order size or pallet specification. We have plenty of photos our pallets in our gallery, which may help you sort out just the type of pallet you’re after. We can guarantee we’ll have it, and if we don’t, we’ll make it for you.

But if you’re not too sure about what you need, we can help out there too. A quick call to Palletmasters will give you all the advice you need on not only timber pallets, but also skids and dunnage.


Not sure what you need? No problem. Tell us what you’re shipping and we’ll tell you what’s required. Call us for a free, no obligation quote now.

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