Export Pallets – what kind should I choose?

Export Pallets – what kind should I choose?

Export pallets are wooden pallets that have been specially treated to go overseas. It’s no secret that quarantine is an issue with wood products and shipping, and with big fines attached it’s important that any pallet being sent overseas is properly treated. Heat treating will get rid of any live matter in the wood that could be taken into another country. This is vitally important in the prevention of spreading any seeds, bugs or disease. It’s important to note that some countries have significant penalties on any goods that enter their country that carry these things, and that includes the packaging they’re shipped on.

At Palletmasters, we heat treat our export pallets on site, and we can guarantee that they will meet ‘ISPM15’, the international export standard. As part of a certification standard called Aus-Qual, we are proving our dedication to high quality, properly treated products.

We always carry two standard sizes of export pallets, and they are the most commonly used sizes for export. Pallets for standard containers are usually 1150×1150 (mm), while pallets for refrigerated containers are usually 1100×1100 (mm). These measurements allow two pallets to fit nicely side by side in the container, which is exactly what you want for efficient packing with products going overseas.

Of course that isn’t our limit for export pallets. For example, we also supply multiple different sized block pallets to the citrus industry, heat treated for export. If you are looking for custom made export pallets, Pallet Masters are more than willing to manufacture exactly what you need. Manufacturing custom, export-ready pallets is a specialist task, that’s why the pallet specialists, Pallet Masters are perfect for the job.


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