6 Benefits of Wooden Crates

Wooden packaging is used for many purposes including being used extensively in packing heavy equipment and machinery and transporting it all around the world. Shipping your goods in wooden crates can protect your precious cargo ensuring that packages are delivered safe and sound. But that’s not the only reason they’re popular. Keep reading to learn more!



Here are some of the reasons to choose a wooden crate for your next shipment:

        1. Stacking: When weight is equally divided and the materials inside are properly packed, wooden crates can withstand an enormous amount of vertical pressure making them really easy to stack. This makes it easier for you to have more space in your warehouse or shipping facilities.
        2. Durability: Wooden crates are extremely durable and dependable and provide even the most delicate and fragile of items an added layer of protection. Being extremely stable and sturdy, they ensure that your products reach their destination without any damage.
        3. Enhanced Protection: Wooden crates create a barrier against any outside forces that may harm their contents in anyway. They can protect their contents easily from moisture, dust, dirt and other debris.
        4. Affordability: Wooden crates are generally more affordable than other options available for shipping, mainly because they cost less to produce. The materials used are simpler and natural and therefore require less processing.
        5. Easy to Reuse: Wooden crates are extremely easy to recycle and reuse and so are suitable for long term use. They can be easily broken down and rebuilt to form new crates as per your requirements. If a part of the wooden crate is coming off or broken, then it can be easily replaced with a part of another wooden crate.
        6. Customisable: Wooden crates are easy to customise to suite your requirements making them suitable for shipping any and all kinds of equipment. At Palletmasters we customise wooden crates to your specifications and requirements.


At Palletmasters we design and manufacture wooden crates to suit your requirements. Our crates are an affordable and hassle free solution for your shipping needs. Simply provide us the specifications and we will create a sturdy and durable crate exactly to fit the dimensions and weight capacity you require. We can deliver the crates fully assembled or as a flat pack (which require assembly at your end).


Not sure what you need? No problem. Tell us what you’re shipping and we’ll tell you what’s required. Call us for a free, no obligation quote now.

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