Wooden Crates

A member of our team working on wooden crates for order

Customised wooden crates made to your specifications

Palletmasters is a Brisbane based manufacturer of wooden crates and other transportation products. Utilising our experienced team of employees and our high quality equipment, we can provide expert service in supplying timber crates. From auto parts to piping, tubing to commodity materials or motorbikes, Palletmasters can design and manufacture a wooden crate or box to suit your requirements.

Crates are a great solution when you need to transport items, which may be an odd shape or require additional protection. We manufacture customised crates to suit your needs – simply provide us with the estimated weight the crate will need to hold and the internal dimensions (length, width and height in mm).

Various crate options are available

Our range of wooden crates includes:

  • Fully enclosed or solid crates

These crates are constructed with the timber butted together resulting in no gaps between the boards. Fully enclosed crates are designed for optimum protection for your products and are suitable for long transit.

  • Gabled or ‘hit and miss’ crates

These crates are constructed with gaps between the timber boards which results in an open slatted appearance. Gabled crates are useful for reducing the overall package weight while providing good protection for the freight. This is a helpful option to reduce costs if your goods don’t need to be fully enclosed for shipping.

  • Export crates

All of our timber products including crates can be heat treated for export as Palletmasters is certified manufacturer and treatment provider under the Australian Wood Packaging Certification Scheme (AWPCS).

At Palletmasters we have wooden crates for sale to suit all shipping needs. We can supply timber crates either fully assembled or as a flat pack. Fully assembled crates arrive at your site and are ready for immediate use. Flat pack crates are economical to ship but will require final assembly at your site. With our experienced crate makers, you will receive a high quality product every time.

Please contact a member of our staff to discuss which shipping crate or case options would be best for your transporting needs, get in touch and we’d be more than happy to help. Alternatively, you can use the button below to get a free quote.