Pallets for Sale


We have a range of pallets for sale, including crates, skids and dunnage.

Pallets for Sale Brisbane

At Palletmasters we are capable of building over 3,000 wooden pallets every day. This is what has allowed us to develop long lasting relationships with our Brisbane clients – we’ve always got the right (and the best) pallets for sale!

Our automated machines ensure that all our products meet the same high standard of quality across our entire range. We are proud that the timber we use to manufacture pallets is completely chemical free, which is reassuring when you have environmentally sensitive products to transport or you are transporting overseas.

Strong and Flexible Pallets

At Palletmasters, we believe in versatility when offering our pallets for sale. We are able to produce pallets and crates in the size and shape you require. As Brisbane pallet specialists, we understand that every business is different and requires tailored solutions.

We typically have three different types of pallets for sale:

Simply tell us what you want to transport and we will develop a viable solution and manufacture your order as quickly as possible, as we aim to provide quick solutions to your transporting needs.

Image Branding

Palletmasters know how important branding and naming is; it helps build brand awareness with your clients when your products are in transit. If you need your company logo, slogan or identifying material added to your transporting products, we can do this.

We are happy to discuss all the finer details about any order requirements when your order is confirmed, as our objective is to provide high quality pallets for sale to all our clients; big or small. Contact us today and our sales team will be delighted to assist!