Hardwood Pallets

Hardwood pallets

An example of our hardwood pallet

If you need strong and durable pallets, hardwood is the material to use. They are the strongest and most durable pallets manufactured, and can transport a large range of products. As a testimony to their strength and durability, several of the mines in Australia will only accept goods on hardwood pallets.

What hardwood pallets do Palletmasters have?

Palletmasters have Australian Standard hardwood pallets in stock at all times for orders that need filling urgently. The Australian Standard refers to the 150 x 25 mm lead boards attached to the bottom of the pallets. This is so the pallet will fit into Australian Standards Racking.

We are based in Brisbane, and we are able to make custom hardwood pallets for your needs. If you need a large quantity of wooden palletscontact us today and we can manufacture them for you directly – there’s no job too big or too small

Manufacturing hardwood pallets

Our hardwood pallets manufacturing station at our headquarters in Clontarf, Brisbane