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What is dunnage?

Dunnage sounds like a strange term, but it has an important purpose. Dunnage is used during transportation, packing and the storage of items to protect them from potential damage. Dunnage prevents jostling and helps to protect fragile freight. It is most often used during shipping, manufacturing and construction. Some examples are dunnage boards, planks, bracing and blocks. While there are different types of dunnage, we specialise in wooden dunnage.

What is Dunnage used for?

Dunnage is packing equipment that can be made from a number of materials. Dunnage is used as protection from shock, moisture and damage that can be sustained during shipping. One of the more common uses of dunnage is as packing material when transporting goods by semi-trailer. They are used to either strap items together or to separate them. This will help to protect your products when they are being transported, to ensure they will arrive in one piece.

Manufacturing Dunnage

The dunnage manufacturing process at Palletmasters headquarters

 Dunnage in Shipping

A common use of wooden dunnage is for packing materials when shipping goods by semi-trailer. Even food that is usually tightly packed and wrapped on wooden pallets often requires dunnage material to be slipped in between to prevent any damage that may come about as a result of jostling on the road. This is especially practiced in Australia where loads are travelling long distances over rough roads.

Sourcing some wooden dunnage might also be something to consider when moving. Being able to separate and steady items of furniture is a big help when they’re being shifted around.

Dunnage in Manufacturing

Dunnage also refers to materials used to support loads, prop tools and lift materials off the ground such as jacks, pipes, as well as equipment such as air conditioners.

If you have heavy machinery used in manufacturing that you don’t want put straight on a hard surface, either for the protection of the item or the floor, wooden dunnage is a great solution. Sometimes even heavy furniture requires something to get it to sit straight or not mark the floor.

Dunnage in Construction

Another use for wooden dunnage is in the construction industry. When building materials are delivered naturally you don’t want them on wet grass, rough concrete or anything that’s going to damage it. Dunnage boards can be laid out for example, and the products lifted onto it. Dunnage may also come already strapped to the bottom.

Looking to buy wooden dunnage?

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