The Different Usages Of Pallets

You probably know that wooden pallets have a multitude of usages in Brisbane businesses – below we look at some of the conventional usages of hardwood and pine pallets in Brisbane.

Pallets for Professional Purposes

Wooden Crate

Transportation –Import / Export

One of the primary professional usages of wooden pallets is transportation.  Whether this is internal transport around Australia, or for importing/exporting goods, pallets are the standard way to transport goods efficiently. These pallets are subject to strict standards set by local and international authorities to maintain safety and quality. Brisbane businesses use pine or hardwood pallets that fit perfectly into containers, making economical use of space, ready for shipping.

Storage and warehousing

Brisbane businesses also use pallets for the safe, efficient storage and warehousing of goods. Pallets allow easy handling and effective use of space, as well as offering protection for goods. They can be stacked one on top of the other or moved around easily using forklifts or pallet jacks. When the time comes for stocktaking, goods that are warehoused on pallets are easier to count.

Loading & Unloading

Pallets are used to load and unload goods onto trucks and into containers, saving time, energy, and often space. They also help protect the goods from damage as they are being loaded and are particularly well-suited for heavy or bulky sets of goods.

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