Dunnage – what is it used for?

Dunnage – what is it used for?

Dunnage sounds like a strange term, but it definitely has an important purpose. It can be made from various materials, but we specialise in wooden dunnage. This product is mainly used when packing, filling and/or for support when transporting and storing goods, either in a truck on a long journey, or to hold machinery up off the floor in a factory.

If you have something heavy that you don’t want put straight on a hard surface, either for the protection of the item or the floor, dunnage is a good solution. Sometimes even heavy furniture requires something to get it to sit straight or not mark the floor. Sourcing some wooden packing might also be something to consider when moving. Being able to separate and steady items of furniture is a big help when they’re being shifted around.

Dunnage is commonly used in the transport industry in semi-trailers. Even food that is usually tightly packed and wrapped on wooden pallets often requires a material to be slipped in between to prevent jostling. This is especially practiced in Australia where loads are going long distances over rough roads.

Another use is in the construction industry. When building materials are delivered naturally you don’t want them on wet grass, rough concrete or anything that’s going to damage it. The material can either be laid out and the products lifted onto it to support it, or it may come already strapped to the bottom.


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