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Why use pine pallets?

Pine pallets are an ever-popular choice amongst those using pallets due to their lightness and efficiency.

At Palletmasters, we always have in stock 1165 x 1165 x 150 (Australian Standard) pallets. When given the required notice, there is virtually no limit to the types of orders we can fill as Palletmasters is equipped to customise to any specifications.

Our customisation abilities include (but are not limited to) adding a stencil of your logo, or changing the size of the pallet to accommodate for specific products. No matter what you’re after, we aim to make our products work around your business needs.

When to use Pine Pallets?

Pine pallets are suitable for many orders, though we primarily recommend using them for lighter shipments. Although pine pallets are sturdy and can handle large weights, we would usually recommend a hardwood pallet instead, which is more heavy duty and can withstand larger weights. The downside of hardwood pallets is due to how sturdy and strong they are – they are substantially heavier than their pine equivalents. That’s why if the weight of the product doesn’t require a hardwood pallet, we would usually suggest a pine pallet instead.

Palletmasters’ pine pallets are of exceptional quality, and can handle a wide range of products. They are one of our most popular products, and they are sure to get the job done. Their popularity is largely due to their weight – or lack-there-of it. If weight is a concern, you can save money on transportation by using these pallets.

A pallet made from Pine can be up to 10kg lighter per pallet depending on the size and specifications! That is a significant weight difference if you are transporting a large quantity of goods. Therefore, if you are looking to cut costs and cut down on weight thresholds, pine pallets are a wise choice.

If you have a particular product in mind, we recommend you discuss this with our team of pallet professionals, as we can advise you on specifics of pallet sizing and material.

Do our Pallets meet Australian standards?

All of our made-in-Brisbane pallets, including our pine pallets, meet Australian standards for sizing and weight capacities. No matter what product you have, we can recommend you a range of pallets to suit your needs and requirements.


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