Are Hardwood Pallets the best choice for me?

Are Hardwood Pallets the best choice for me?

Hardwood pallets are the most durable pallets on the market, and interestingly enough, there’s quite a few Australian mines who will only receive their freight on hardwood pallets. Hardwood pallets are also the strongest of pallets; so if you’ve got something heavy you want to transport or ship on a pallet, hardwood is the way to go. At Pallet Masters we know a good pallet when we see one. There is an Australian Standard on hardwood pallets, which details that pallets must have 150 x 25mm lead boards on the bottom. What that means is that pallets made to these specs will fit in Australian Standards Racking.

We keep Australian Standard Pallets in stock all year round, ready to fill any urgent orders. We want to make sure you get strong, durable pallets when you need them. If you’re in need of a pallet in a special size, Pallet Masters have got you covered. We can custom make hardwood pallets for exactly what you need, and since they’ll be made out of hardwood, you know they’ll be good quality and tough.

When shopping for pallets to supply your distribution network, it has become increasingly important to find the services that you need at a price that you can afford. One item that can seemingly be bought with no reflection other than price would be hardwood pallets, but there is actually a wide range of quality among the manufacturers of pallets that can have a positive or negative impact on your business.

For instance, some pallet manufacturers are unable to produce pallets at different, non-standard sizes quickly or easily. If you have a need for such unusual pallets, be sure to find a maker that has the resources, machinery and habit of producing non-standard sizes.

In addition, not all “hardwood” pallets are actually made of much hardwood. Be sure to ask about the composition of the hardwood pallets that are advertised to ensure that they have a healthy percentage of hardwood in them, ensuring greater durability.

Finally, pallets can increasingly be customized to meet your marketing needs. These days, cutting edge businesses like to put their names and logos everywhere that they can. Before ordering a huge number of wooden pallets, find out if they can be easily stenciled or painted to include your company name and logo. If not, shop around a bit. You will soon see that Pallet Masters are the best at branding your colours, name and logos even on hardwood pallets, serving as a continual marketing tool as your goods are shipped and stored.


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